How To Boost Tired Hair With Finger Curls in 5 mins

How To Boost Tired Hair With Finger Curls in 5 mins

Finger curls are a great way to give your tired hair a boost in just 5 minutes. Finger curls are a quick, easy and versatile technique that can help make your curls look defined and moisturised. With just a few simple steps, you can create beautiful ringlets and waves in no time. This guide will take you through the steps of how to boost tired hair with finger curls in 5 minutes. Read on to learn the basics of this simple yet effective hairstyling technique!

This is the result of an old (4 day old) wash and go. Curls look defined and really moisturised. 

It took all of 5 mins to create this shine on my natural hair. By lightly spraying my hair with the Thirsty Hair Tea Rinse and taking the Mel's Butter Me Up cream on the finger tips and grabbing small sections and curling it round my finger.

Mel's Butter Me Up  Mel's Butter Me Up comes in 2 different sizes: 200ml & 300ml.

I then held it for 2/3 seconds, release the curl to achieve the look and voila. Some curls may need a little scrunching after releasing. Might I also add that once you achieve this look, it's very low maintenance for at least another 2-3 days.

A quick and easy way to revive your hair in just 5 mins. Simple enough to do before heading off to work, school run or for any social event.

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