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       from a dream to reality...       


My Why

The motivation and inspiration behind this company, Amaré-Me stems from my own personal journey of choosing to have healthy hair and age defying skin. At the age of 46, my naturally curly hair was dry, experiencing breakage and extremely unhealthy, with one grey hair strand (which has since reverted back to black due to the rich active ingredients in our hair products).

Also, my husband and children had eczema and it was super important for me to create active products with superior ingredients that could combat these conditions. I was compelled to create formulas for restoring skin conditions and age defying youthful skin. So, I did my research and created products that would solve these problems. 


I could immediately see the results on my hair, so before taking such a huge step in venturing out and investing, I decided to start small and test out my products on relatives, friends and whoever was willing to try and buy. I received such positive feedback and saw the testimonies and results others were getting and that alone catapulted me to believing that I could establish and build my own brand.


Very soon after I created my first product (Mel's Butter Me Up), it was apparent that there was a demand and an interest for natural products of this kind.

The reason why other products hadn't worked in the past for me (because I tried MANY) was down to the fact that I didn't know that the majority of the ingredients in those products, were all chemically enhanced and filled with drying agents.

So, I realised quickly that is so important to offer products that are 100% natural, beneficial with active ingredients which sets out to maintain hydration, moisture and aid nourishment for every hair and skin type.

Why this Name?

I came up with the name Amaré-Me, which means Love in Latin, Spanish simply because I needed products that would love my hair and my skin. 


The Future

I have so many other great ideas for the Amaré-Me brand which will keep evolving as demand grows and interests change. But one thing is for sure, that this all would not have been possible if I didn't trust Jesus to venture out and build this business, from what was once a dream, to now my reality.


    Melanie x

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